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Kudzu Depletion and the Goats Responsible

Written by: Christine
August 15, 2011

Dr. Wards Kudzu - Before |

Kudzu-eating goats

We moved twenty mixed breed does (female) goats to a neighbors place about seven days ago and asked them to help clear a field of blackberry scrub and kudzu. They are certainly earning their wages. The owner and I have a bet on just how fast they will clear the assigned area before we have to move them. We’ll they are doing a great job but I’m winning. I guessed two weeks and he thought four days. What an optimist he is! They are clearing it out quickly though – more pictures forthcoming. It’s a great deal for both of us. It is just the right food source for the goats and the pastures at our place get to rest and replenish. The goats have adapted well to the temporary electric fencing, which keeps them in and predators out. They have fresh water, minerals and shelter which is all that a goat needs.

Did you know goats do not like to get wet? Heavy dew will make them run for shelter. I don’t know what they do out in the wild. Run for a cave or overhang? Summer rains won’t hurt them. They don’t like it, however, cold wet winter rain is dangerous for them. To be continued……..