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June Lambs at B O’Toole’s Herb Farm

Written by: Bobbie
June 20, 2011


Baby goat, Sheila eatingA set of triplets were born at B O’Toole’s Herb Farm on June 11th. The momma has rejected the littlest girl, which is not uncommon. She is now at our place and eating like a little piggy. Momma just didn’t want to fool with that many I guess.

The little one is healthy and B O’Toole just can’t resist naming them. This one is Sheila. Last December, B named our first boy lamb Gilly. B thinks if she give them a name they won’t end up at the “Freezer Camp” as she calls it. Gilly will be a breeding ram and Sheila will become part of the ewe breeding stock. Since she is a triplet there’s a good chance she will produce multiples also.

June 13:  B reported three more singles out there. We prefer twins and triplets but sometimes the mommas just have a single and then twins the next time. I’m not a strict about culling ewes that have singles but I am favoring adding the known twin and triplet producers.