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Have you ever had a taste of Grapefruit Pie?

Written by: Bobbie
January 30, 2013


Main Street Monticello Artisans & Growers Market

We will be at Johnston’s Meat Market this weekend. Saturday, February 2, 2013 by 9:00 AM and stay till 1:00 or 2:00 PM. We are really iffy about the exact times since we never know what the day will bring. Anyway, we’ll stay as long as needed. Now when I say “we”, I mean my daughter from Scottsmoor, Florida. She’ll be bring some grapefruit, tangerines and oranges from her grove and will be giving out samples of a Grapefruit Pie. I’ll have some pumpkin bread and, of course, mayhaw cake but I can’t wait to try the Grapefruit Pie.

I’m going to put Ernie (our newest sweet pet goat) in the car to come along also.Ernie Sims the Goat | I just love that tongue sticking out. So if you have time, come see us, pet Ernie and visit all the other vendors. Main Street Artisans and Growers Market encourages and supports our local gardeners and artists. There is plenty of parking and Johnston’s is easy to find right out there on West Washington Street most commonly known as US 90.

I think this balmy weather is scheduled to continue….but we are worried about the mayhaw blossoms coming out…. and then a hard freeze. That’s what has happened in past years. We do need a good crop this year or we may be out of jelly by this summer. Global warming – pshaw!

Oh yes, more goat kids and little lambs are being born. Two sets of twins born just this week. My mini-Myotonic’s had me fooled. I thought they were pregnant but they haven’t produced any yet. I guess they are just fat. I put Shaggy Two back out with them so maybe he’ll get the job done for me. It looks like the Nubian milk goats are ready to pop soon. Then I will get busy with the milking. It is more work but I’m looking forward to the fresh cold milk. Stay tuned for this new adventure.