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Harvesting Pine Trees

Written by: Bobbie
February 25, 2015


Pine tree harvest at Golden Acres RanchIt is that time. We’ve been here since 2001 and the trees have gone through the cycles of thinning and cutting. Now it is time to harvest the remainder of the crop.

They started last Saturday cutting the big trees and wow did it go fast. Close to twenty acres was completed in six hours. It is more complicated for the other acres because they have to go through pastures that have been fenced. I just took a ride out to look and it is so barren now. Next job will be to do a controlled burn, add some lime and then seed for pastures. It will take a couple of years for it to look pretty again.

Now before I get any grief about cutting down trees please remember this is a crop no different than corn, soybeans or wheat. It just takes a lot longer to harvest and it can be replanted. However, we are of an age that a 30 year crop doesn’t make much sense. Beside that, we have need for the pasture land. Our management of livestock is through pasture rotation. That way we can avoid chemicals for parasite control.