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Hannah’s son Hanson: A Lamb story

Written by: Bobbie
July 25, 2011


Photo of Hanson and B O'Toole |  That B O’Toole is so clever. She named a little ram by combining his momma’s name and their relationship, Hanson. Hannah and her son, get it?

Hannah, the momma ewe, was given to B several years ago along with another girl. Last year B opened up her farm to some of my ewes to graze and control Kudzu. Her two girls just couldn’t keep up with it. Then Hagrid came to visit and Hannah kept flirting with him so B let them court. The sad and the glad of it is that Hannah delivered triplets prematurely and the only one B was able to save was the little boy Hanson. He is being bottle fed and thriving quite nicely.

We are lamb sitting Hanson while B is away on a trip to the mountains. He is being given goat milk and is hanging around with our bottle fed Sheila. The two are pals in the pasture. When I feed them everyone comes to visit and see what they are missing. So we always have a menagerie of chickens, goats, sheep and dogs all watching.

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