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Guinea Keets All in a Row

Written by: Bobbie
August 29, 2011


Photo of keets on the roost  |  The keets are outside now in a special pen. They get up on the highest roost now. The three baby chicks left are in the same pen. Something got mom and two other chicks so these are now back in a protected area. Never ending. Watching out for predators.

There are 15 eggs in the incubator still. They get turned two or three times a day. I’m thinking about two and a half more weeks before they hatch.

This photo was taken last night. I went out this morning and saw a them flying down off the perch. It’s an awkward flight but they make progress. These are such interesting fowl to watch. Their greatest asset is insect consumption. The tick population has been greatly depleted since they have been around. The adults spread far and wide throughout the farm and woods. We don’t provide the adults with any extra feed. They are extremely vulnerable to predators because of their nesting habits. Sometimes they will come into the chicken roost but many times they opt to stay out all night. I guess that is why they sit on so many eggs. Up to 100 have been found in nests. All the hens lay in one nest and one hen gets the hatching duty. That’s what I have in the incubator right now. Two weeks ago a couple of dozen keets hatched and these eggs were still there. Mom went off with her first group and now I have the rest. We’ll see what happens.