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Greenhouse Demonstration on YouTube

Written by: Christine
March 13, 2012


How to Build a Greenhouse 2012 |The greenhouse demonstration, “How to Build a Greenhouse for Under $100,” is now on YouTube. It’s in three parts, each around 10 minutes long.

This was my first time to record and edit videos and they seemed to have turned out pretty well. Phil and Dr. Jennifer Taylor did a great job, too. I was too far away from Dad to get his voice so I edited him out. Sorry, Dad. I recorded several other videos during my last visit as well. I’ll get those uploaded sometime in the next few months.

I found a couple other videos on about Golden Acres on YouTube. Did you know Bobbie, Becky Hogg and some other area farmers, interviewed by “aleeclark,” are on YouTube? I added a couple to our Favorites playlist. David Ward’s video about making Mayhaw Jelly the old-fashioned way is there too. Who else do we know on YouTube? You can let us know in the blog comments by clicking the title of this article.

Please go browse around our new channel, watch some videos and feel free to comment and rate the videos. If you see any problems, please let us know and be sure to tell others about this great way to make a greenhouse.