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Grazing Girls and Kids

Written by: Bobbie
May 31, 2012


Friends came over and took some photos.

Boo Boo and Kids   |

Boo Boo had twins (above). It appears the others are giving us just one at a time.

Marilyn and her buckling in the shelter (below) are just getting acquainted. Marilyn is keeping the little one in a shelter until it is stronger

Marilyn and doeling in EZ shelterThe moms usually station the kids in a hiding place for a few days even though the kids are up and moving around. Then one day out they come running all over the pasture and forming little playground gangs climbing up overturned trees, jumping on wood piles and standing on mom when she lays down.

The pasture area is more than five acres and there are lots of places for the little ones to migrate and hide but mom can always seem to find them. I’ll see a mom walking with her head up and just bleating away and you know she is looking for that kid. Suddenly the kid pops its head up and comes running to mom and off they go to join the rest of the herd.

And who said farm life was all hard work! More new photos in the Gallery.