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Good news – Bad news

Written by: Bobbie
February 21, 2013


Mom taking care of the third triplet.Lots of babies being born. Two sets of triplets from the Nubian Dairy girls. Lacey had hers on February 19, 2 girls and a boy and Queenie had her 2 girls and a boy on February 20. I helped Queenie with the boy.

The first one was born about 1:30 PM. I was watching her and she was obviously having contractions. I was concerned because the second one was taking way too long. I finally did the Dr. Pol thing, put on my gloves, reached in, found the legs and head and on the next contraction pulled. Fortunately he let out a noise and mom turned around to clean him.

The third, a little girl, came quickly after about 3:00 PM. She was in the canal too long. Her legs are not as strong as they should be and when she lays down, her back legs splay out. She looks like a puppy laying on her belly. It works out well for suckling mom since the milk dispenser is so close to the ground, little girl doesn’t even have to get up. I’ve had her to the veterinarian and she has everything she needs to get stronger. We stand her up whenever we are in the barn. Slowly she getting her balance and strength.

Mayhaw Trees – All this rain is good news, however, last week when it was so warm the trees began to blossom. Then came the 28 degree nights. We’ll just have to wait and see what the spring brings. It will be a while before we know if there is a crop this year. Of course, we are not alone in this dilemma. This strange weather affects peaches, plums and many other growing crops that depend on a normal winter cold.

Then back to the barn. The cold was too much for new babies so there are lots of heat lamps in the stalls. The kids all cuddle beneath the warmth. Lots of heads, tails, and legs in a lump. It’s hard to tell one from another.

Really sad news. Many of you may remember my talking about the flock of ewes (female sheep) that stay at B O’Toole’s Herb Farm in Madison. They eat the kudzu. B has three nicely managed pastures for them to roam and they recently had 19 beautiful lambs all growing and healthy.

B’s place backs up to a residential neighborhood and we weren’t expecting coyotes. Maybe a stray dog now and then but not a pack of coyotes. Everything had been going so well and quiet so I didn’t put my Great Pyrenees there this year. Sadly to say it was a big mistake. Eight and maybe nine of the lambs were attacked. Can’t tell exactly just yet because all the remaining flock is so skittish that we can’t get a good count of those still with moms. This was devastating to all of us but especially hard on B since she is the one looking out onto the pastures every day. This is the hardest part of raising any animal.

Well, Ben and Siggy, two of our guardian boys, are there now to keep from having a repeat.