Livestock for Sale

What we have available varies a lot and changes quickly. Please call Bobbie at 850-508-2607 or Contact Us by email for more information on anything you see here, or if there is something you want.

We are currently not selling sheep on the hoof. We are raising them for meat.

Mini Mancha Goats

Right now we have several Mini-Mancha goats for sale.

Mini Manchas are medium-sized dairy goats that are a cross between Nigerian Dwarf and Lamancha goats. They are sweet tempered, very friendly and easy to handle. They LOVE people! The does give sweet, non-goaty flavored milk.


Jerry Lee

Two year old Mini Mancha buck. Jerry is smaller than average for the breed, takes after
the Nigerian Dwarf side of his background. He has pretty blue eyes and would like to be a lap goat. Easy to handle, he will follow you anywhere. His kids are fairly small and just adorable.


Little Jack

Six year old Mini Mancha buck. Jack has blue eyes, is dehorned and a love bug. He has
medium sized kids.



Nine month old Mini Mancha/Saanen buck Sam hasn’t had a breeding season yet and is 
growing, he’ll be a bigger boy than the others.

Livestock for Sale at Golden Acres Ranch

Sherlock and Watson

Mini Mancha brothers, two years old. They have blue eyes and elf ears. They
were dehorned but retain some scurs ( horn nubs) that are safe around children. Medium sized and super friendly.


Livestock for Sale at Golden Acres Ranch



Livestock for Sale at Golden Acres Ranch



Three year old Mini Mancha buck. Vinny is a shaggy boy but so far none of his kids are, we have no idea where that coat comes from! His kids are smaller than Jack’s and look like little fawns.

Livestock for Sale at Golden Acres Ranch


Right now, we have one beautiful buck for sale. He is a cross Spanish/Myotonic (Tennessee Fainting Goat) bred for parasite resistance. Born in October 2014.


Spanish Myotonic Buck


Updated November 20, 2016

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