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Goat Updates – Do you know Stevie?

Written by: Bobbie
April 3, 2012


Stevie the Goat photo   |   Stevie is a triplet from one of our Myotonics (Tennessee Fainting Goat) and a male Baylis Spanish goat. Momma wasn’t taking care of her so I gathered her up and put her on the bottle. She grabbed it readily and drank the allotted amount over the next few days.

I finally looked at her closely and noticed her face was a little distorted. Then I also realized one eye was completely closed. I pulled the eyelid back and could see the eyeball was not normal and she certainly couldn’t see out of it. Well with the skewed face, a serious under-bite and one blind eye, I guess she had a face even a mother couldn’t love. Not a worry, everyone here and anyone that sees her loves her.

She is a darling pet. She can see somewhat out of the other eye so she doesn’t bump into trees and can find her food and shelter. We have to be careful about putting other goats with her because she is prime for being bullied. Yup, that even happens in the four-legged animal world.

We can let her walk around the farm with us because she reacts to our voice and stays right with us. We had folks here touring the farm recently and a two year old took a real shine to her. The boy was just the right size to keep his arm around her back. He wanted to take her home. Dad wasn’t too keen on that but we invited them to come visit anytime they want.

Stevie will be a big hit at the Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival. She’ll be in the petting circle greeting visitors as they join the fun here in May. We hope you plan to come visit with us.