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Goat and Lamb Meat

Written by: Bobbie
December 6, 2012


We are sold out.

Meat Cuts Diagram  |   It depends on your point of view whether that is a good thing or bad. We are happy business has been so good but have had to turn down a lot of folks. Even the chickens are letting us down right now. Our New Leaf Market Farm Tour was such a success that we ended the weekend with most USDA product gone. By the end of October we had sold the remaining live lambs. So now what do we do?

One thing is trying to increase our own breeding herds and flocks. That will happen in the spring when other producers have lambs and goats available. I’ll be going out of Florida to buy some Spanish Goats and Katahdin Sheep.

The other thing I’m trying to organize right here in the Big Bend area is a group of producers that will work with me on dates and feeding programs so we can market together. There will be a combined program for potential goat and/or sheep producers that would like to work within a marketing group.

This is being coordinated by Golden Acres Ranch, Jefferson County Extension and Farm Credit. Interested? Contact me for details. Our meeting date is January 12, 10 AM to 2 PM here at Golden Acres Ranch with lunch furnished. You need to make reservations though.