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Forever Girls Spring Kids

Written by: Bobbie
May 15, 2012


Forever Girl and New Kid  |   If you been with us for a while, you’ll remember that last year we went to Louisiana and picked a herd of Myotonic (Fainting Goat) females that belonged to a friend. Missy bought some of her first goats from Golden Acres Ranch in 2004 and we became friends over the years. Unfortunately Missy lost her bout with cancer but before that happened she asked if we would take her precious girls to live out their lives. Thus our group of Forever Girls are part of the Golden Acres menagerie.

May 9, 2012 we noticed two, darling kids bouncing around in the pasture. We haven’t picked them up yet so we’re not sure whether they are boys or girls. The white one shows up nicely but the other brown and black blends in completely against the background. There are many more on the way in the next weeks. This is such a fun time.

The Golden Girls and one other Mini-Myotonic are showing signs of eminent birthing also. This will add to all the excitement. Fred came in from morning rounds and said one of our little Mini-Myotonics has a kid at her side. We saw she was in labor yesterday so we put her in a  barn stall. This breed is naturally small so the kids are tiny  and more vulnerable when born. Several of these girls gave birth in late January and those babies have already gone to new homes. It is hard to part with them but they go to special places.

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