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Fine Artists at the Farm Tour

Written by: Christine
October 13, 2011


Here’s our final update on the 4th Annual New Leaf Farm Tour this weekend at Golden Acres Ranch. We wanted you to know that two fine artists will be here.

Refrigerator boxes before Melinda Copper painted them  |  Refigerator boxes painted by Melinda Copper |  Mom’s good friend Melinda Copper will be doing face painting for the kids. According to my online research, Melinda has been wielding a pencil since even before she could speak. Her love of animals led her to study Biology (I studied Zoology!) in college, but her love of art led her to get a degree in painting and study the great masters in Paris. You can see the combination of these two loves in her whimsical portraits of real animals in classical settings.

She and her husband, Bob, who has been enlisted to take photos at the Farm Tour (Thank you, Bob!) have focused their recent efforts on sculpture. Local photographer Mark Wallheiser took a great photo of Melinda and Bob peeking out from busts they made of each other.

We know Melinda’s works from pieces she’s done of the ranch animals around here. I used a photo of one of her signs on the Tennessee Fainting Goats page.  One of my favorites is the refrigerator box barn doors which you can see in this post. Maybe Mom will pull those out for the event if any of you want to see them.

Image of Gainsborough Lady in sea shawl by Alice Cappa  |  The next local artist we want to tell you about is Alice Cappa, weaver of fine and beautiful fabrics. She will be at the Farm Tour on Sunday from noon to 2PM with her spinning wheel and lots of hand-dyed wools. You can find Alice on Facebook and at her website where she shows her works and photos of the workshops and demos she does.

I really like how, like Melinda, she shows off her work on classic paintings and sculpture. How do you do that, Alice? Also, this probably explains Mom’s recent interest in carding sheep wool. I’ve always been attracted to fabrics, the swing in a woman’s skirt, flow of gauzy drapes at a window, or the artistry of a hand-made rug.

I was delighted to see that both Melinda and Alice are featured artist members at the Jefferson Arts Gallery.