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12th Annual Fall Farm Tour 2019

Hayride at Golden Acres Ranch

Saturday, October 12th, and Sunday, October 13th, 2018
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Both Days

The Fall Farm Tour is one of our best events each year. Millstone Institute for Preservation is once again organizing, with help from Bobbie.

Download the Farm Tour booklet

Guidebooks for all the Farms and Ranches can be picked up at a variety of locations in Monticello. Or you can download a PDF by clicking the image.


If you are a local crafts person, agricultural producer, non-profit or business that benefits people in Jefferson County, contact us about setting up a booth. There is no charge. Just fill in the form on THIS PAGE.

Farm & Ranch Fun for Everyone

Fiber Arts

We’re going all out on Fiber Arts this year featuring fiber demonstrations, classes and handmade products. Several folks from the Seven Hills Handweavers Guild expressed interest in being here. Their hours will vary depending on their schedules.

Julie Paterson will be here to demonstrate inkle weaving and/or rigid heddle weaving on Saturday. She plans to bring pre-warped inkle looms for people to weave bookmarks that they will then receive in the mail after the event. She’ll have hand-woven key chains, lanyards, guitar straps, luggage straps and bookmarks for sale as well.

Julie is also teaching inkle loom weaving here on Friday, November 8, 2019. Learn more and sign up.

Ramona Abernathy-Paine will be here on Saturday demonstrating weaving on a harness loom. She will have small towels for sale–tea towels, hand towels, some using hemp yarn.

Alice Cappa of Weaves by Cappa will be here on Sunday.


Hear the newest stories about what is going on at the ranch, and stop at all the different fields to see sheep, goats, dogs and the Mayhaw pond. Bring the whole family for a country ride on the wagon. It is always fun!

Hayrides are sponsored by Farm Credit

The hayrides are sponsored by our local Farm Credit of Florida.

Petting Places

We have some very tame goats that even young children can pet and feed. We set up a table where you can buy cups of feed and get instructions on how to feed livestock animals by hand.

Tyrion the mini-horse and Cookie the mini-donkey at Golden Acres Ranch

Tyrion is the white, mini-horse and the mini-donkey is Cookie. We bring them both out for folks to pet, groom and feed. They love the attention!

Fun and Games for All Ages

The Archeological Dig was a big hit at our last Mayhaw Festival. Kids are given a scoop and screen to filter sand from our big sandbox. They can unearth gems and stones, sharks teeth and dino skeletons. And keep what they find!

Kids in the archeological dig at Golden Acres Ranch

At the last festival, a bunch of kids discovered the hammock to climb on.

Kids on a hammock at Golden Acres Ranch

No kid can resist the phony pony swing here at Golden Acres Ranch.

No kid can resist the phony pony swing at Golden Acres Ranch Florida

Farm Credit also brings Corn Hole Game equipment for everyone to use.

Country Store

Country Store at Golden Acres Ranch Florida
  • Mayhaw Berry Jelly
  • Mayhaw Pepper Jelly
  • Blueberry Jam (from our own blueberries)
  • Rag Rugs by Bobbie Golden
  • Pottery by Valerie Foster
  • Full Moon Apiary Honey
  • Sweet Bay Soaps and Scrubs
  • Artistic Note Cards by Melinda Copper
  • Wool for spinning from Florida Native Sheep
  • Homemade Wool Dryer Ball
  • Natural, locally made insect repellent
  • Locally made walking sticks (Jed will have a booth here.)
  • Satsuma Orange products. The juice is delicious!

Livestock for Sale

Tennessee Fainting Goats for sale at Golden Acres Ranch

We have goats for sale as pets or registered breeding stock. We’ve been refining our herds to only include Myotonic (Fainting) Goats. Lots of miniatures, many are registered since this breed is an ‘endangered livestock.’

Guinea Fowl Keets For Sale

We’ve been raising Guinea Fowl keets just for the Farm Tour. This year we have the classic domestic gray pearled variety.  Like the middle one in the photo below.

Guinea Fowl waiting at the feed room for corn

The group in this photo is not shy about wanting more corn tossed out to them from the feed room.

Once established, Guineas need no care from you. They range the property eating bugs and roosting in the trees at night. You’ll need a caged-in area to start them out. Feed and water them there for 2-4 weeks and they’ll know where ‘home’ is. Our established flock expect a scoopful of corn kernals every morning as we go out to feed livestock.

Mayhaw Trees for Sale

Mayhaw Berry Trees for Sale at Golden Acres Ranch Florida

It is a myth that Mayhaw Berry trees have to grow in water. They’ve always been found in wetlands because they can’t tolerate fire, and fire is a natural occurrence in Florida forests. More information about our trees on the Mayhaw Berry Tree page.

They actually make great landscape plants since they don’t grow more than about 40 feet, do not have invasive trunk or root system and are a pretty shape. You don’t need more than one for pollination, but you can expect a better harvest if there’s more than one.

Learn From the Experts

Jefferson County Extension Services

Jefferson County Extension Services

This year, the Jefferson County Extension will be bringing 4-H Enrollment information and hands-on Ag projects for the kids.

As always, agents will be here to answer weed, seed, and bug questions.

The Extension provides practical education you can trust, to help people, business, and communities, solve problems, develop skills, and build a better future.

Camellia Garden Circle

Camellia Garden Circle

The local garden Club will be here to talk plants, bugs and compost with you. They are selling Atlas Garden Gloves. Proceeds go to 4-H programs through the Jefferson County Extension

Monticello Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD)

Monticello Volunteer Firefighters and Thor

Checking to see if this group can join us. Check back soon!

Kids can climb in a real fire engine, wear real fire gear and talk to fire men and women on Saturday and Sunday. The Monticello Volunteer Fire Department come to all our festivals, along with their mascot, Thor, the wonder dog.

Crafts, Farm Products & Workshops

Cryptic Creations by Faye

Faye Prichett is the owner and caretaker of “Thor” Henry, the Great Pyrenees mascot of the Monticello Volunteer Fire Department.

She is also the creator of a world of handmade jewelry, Pom Pom Pals, Mini Mates key chains and crocheted items.

Livingston Productions

Casi Cielo Organically Grown Landscape Plants

Livingston Productions propagates and grows all their own plants organically. They carry native plants and provide customer assistance after the purchase. Livingston Productions is also known world-wide for their donkey blankets and other horse and canine related products.

Marilyn has been one of our most popular vendors through both the Mayhaw Festival and the Fall Farm Tour for many years. Come join her under the tent to share knowledge and enjoyment of the beautiful plants and buy your plants for Spring.

We Appreciate Our Sponsors!

We are so appreciative of their continuous support…

Jefferson County Tourist Development Council

Jefferson County FL Tourist Develpment

Agritourism is one of Jefferson County, Florida’s specialties and the Tourist Development is very supportive.

Farm Credit of Northwest Florida

Farm Credit of NW Florida - Helping Rural America Grow

Farm Credit of Northwest Florida is here to help rural America grow, and we have the resources and stability to meet all your lending needs. We are committed to working with you and others in agriculture to help grow a better community.

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