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Mayhaw Berry Festival 2013

Saturday, May 4th, 2013, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Sunday, May 5th, 2013, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Hayrides All DayIt’s time for our 7th Annual Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival!

This year we have a lot of new activities planned. In addition to our normal fare – hayrides, petting area, local artists, goats and sheep, craft demos and food – we’ve made a special point of having things for men. Blacksmithing, woodcarving demos, tool and equipment vendors and a tractor show are some of the new attractions.

What we won’t have much of this year is Mayhaw Berries. 🙁  In spite of the rains and thriving trees, they just did not blossom and bear much fruit this year. This is the nature of Nature. What we need is a normal cold winter and no late cold spells to go with all this nice rain.

We had a good crop in 2010 then fewer but still decent in 2011. The harvest was very sparse last year and now I expect nothing much this year. There are still frozen berries but the supply is dwindling fast, we’ll have to see what 2014 brings. Mayhaw trees are native and limited to just a few states here in the Southern United States.  We talk more about these beautiful fruit trees on our Mayhaw Pond page.

Still, the festival goes on, and more fun than ever! The event is always free, although we hope you’ll support our local vendors, artists and programs. Scroll down to see all the things you can see and do this year.

We encourage folks from out of town to come with your RV and we’ll find a space for you to park. We have two hookups or you can use a generator. We may put you to work if you come early,  but that’s another story. 🙂

Oh, yes. Be sure to follow the driving directions on our Visit Us page. The GPS devices often send people around the long way and you can easily get lost.

Things to See

  • Beautiful pastures with goats and sheep
  • Livestock dogs – Great Pyrenees and Miramma’s
  • Chickens and Guineas running free
  • The Mayhaw stand is full of water right now and the trees lush and green

Things to Do

  • Hayrides all day long, both days
  • Petting area with lambs and kids
  •  Thor the Great Pyrenees wonder dog will be available for lots of hugs and kisses. You can even take a picture with him.
  • Picnic in one of many areas with tables
  • Scroll down for more…

Blacksmithing Demos

Blacksmith, Mike Murphy will be here on Sunday. His setup is made up of a fully operational, mobile blacksmith shop, in a tent. He use a coal forge, and a hammer and anvil to make items as part of his demonstration.

He tells us his setup is not completely museum-accurate; he has several tools which he made using more modern techniques, and a number of the items he has for sale are for modern usage.  However, on the whole, it is a pretty good depiction of blacksmithing tools and techniques from the period of about 1860 through about 1890.  He uses the “three-foot rule” — if it looks right from three feet, it’s good to go!

While he’s working, he answer questions from visitors, and has a few short stories to illustrate blacksmithing techniques, tools and history.  He even have a couple of blacksmith jokes to tell.

Here is a list of what he has for sale now:

  • Oyster shuckers made from railroad spikes
  • Steel bookmarks
  • Fireplace tools
  • Letter openers
  • Tomahawks (these are actually useable as hatchets, and for throwing contests.)
  • Knives
  • Candle holders
  • Campfire cook sets (tripods and horizontal cooking booms)
  • Barbecue tools (forks, meat turners, etc.)
  • Dinner bells (old-style triangles — noisy things, they are)
  • Wall hooks

Wool Carding & Spinning

We will have special setup called All About Ewe for wool washing, dying, carding, spinning, weaving and demonstrations of knitting and crocheting.

Homemade Jelly Making Demo

We are checking with David Ward to see if he’ll give us a demo of blackberry jelly making since we don’t have Mayhaw berries this year. You can see his Mayhaw Berry demonstration on our Mayhaw Pond page.

Painted Pony Rides

Painted Pony will be here on Saturday and Sunday. They came during the New Leaf Market Tour and were a big hit.

Charlie, the Painted Pony |

Old-Time Gospel Singing & Tractor Show

Artists, Vendors, Education & Causes

Keep watching for updates about who will be here and what days and times. Like all of you, all of the vendors can’t come and stay the whole time so we are flexible and make room for them whenever. We know there will be something to eat and our new Country Store will be open with all types of new things.

Golden Acres Ranch Country Store

We have lots of Mayhaw Jelly for sale and some lamb and goat meat – and now we have a beautiful Country Store to sell it from! We been busy converting the bunkhouse to a real roadside stand, except this one has air conditioning and freezers. No ‘roughing it for me!’

Melinda helped me do a barn-look, wood, faux finish on the walls and now I’m setting up displays and such. I need some cheap lace curtains to hang from the metal shelves and use them for storage.

Tailgate Row

We sent out an invitation to members of our community to bring whatever they had to sell or share and work out of their trucks along our long driveway. We got a great response!

Other Vendors, Artists, Causes & Education

  • Johnston’s Meat Market will be here with their BBQ sandwiches and drinks
  • Full Moon Honey with their complete line of honey, candles, soaps, and bee supplies both Saturday and Sunday. Local honey from happy bees.
  • Cotton Candy vendor
  • Barbara Donner a returning vendor with her Specialty Doggie Treats.
  • Jefferson County Humane Society will be here with an adoption booth and some pet supplies for sale.
  • Main Street of Monticello will be selling cooling drinks to help with one of the many  downtown beautification projects. You can ask them about the Free Library Victorian Houses or the new Kiosk listing business in our main artery.
  • Seed Time Harvest Farms with locally grown produce. This growing (no pun intended) business delivers to your door. Come and see what they offer and sign up for the CSA.
  • Camellia Garden Circle and the Jefferson County Extension works together selling the Atlas Garden Gloves as a 4-H fundraiser. Extension agents will be on hand to answer your questions about the pesky weeds and bugs. The garden circle members will share their gardening expertise.
  • Melanie Belk has just started her new plant business. Now my grandma had plants called hens and chicks which I didn’t know were still around. Melanie will have these along with azaleas, knock out roses and other garden center plants.
  • Debbie McCoy will be here with her specialty Dog Collar Bandanas and Shampoochie which is a handmade bar soap for dogs.
  • Wood Carvings and Metal Art by Carmen and Gerry Zengel. They have been here for every event these last seven years so many of you will know them. I think we’ve talked them into doing a carving demonstration.

Shery Owens Jewelry from metal and beads. Each is her own spontaneous design.

Trudie Bell will be here with her unique array of quilted scarves, purses, tee shirts, baby blankets and more.

Keep an eye on this page, our blog or sign up for our newsletter in the sidebar for more news as this event comes together. Remember, you can always Contact Us if you have questions.