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Mayhaw Berry Festival 2015

Our 9th Annual Mayhaw Berry Festival

Saturday, May 9, 2015, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Sunday, May 10, 2015, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Looks like a minature apple.

It’s time for our 9th Annual Mayhaw Berry Festival! Looks like we will have a good crop this year. The trees are beautifully covered with green leaves but most importantly they are full of fruit. All the rain has filled the pond to capacity and our berry-gathering crew is watching closely for berries to start falling in earnest. Hopefully right around May 9 &10. It is a lot of fun to see the whole berry harvesting process.

What’s New This Year

We are adding some interesting vendors this year. Something for the guys especially but this unique skill will be appreciated by all.

Knife making by Bob Stott

Here is his Facebook link and a link to Rifle and Rod. Bob has made knife making an art along with his ironwork skills. Come and admire the unique tool handles and beautiful finishes. Bob is originally from South Africa. He has made Bainbridge, Georgia his home. We are excited to have him as one of our vendors.

Wool Felting 101

Actually that should be less than 101. I’m teaching myself how to do this. Watching lots of videos and I watched a demonstration at the Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida Spring Conference last year. Anyway, I have the general idea and we are going to have the tent set up and ready to go. I also have my PVC spinning wheel and have been practicing with my carded wool. A friend gave me a sample of a scarf her mom made so I can actually make an end product with the spun wool.

I have a Fancy Kitty Carder, motorized no less, and just bought a Fancy Kitty Teasing tool. My wool is coarse and needs lots of separating and teasing before it can be carded and then spun or felted. Lots of fun toys. It is like a guy and tools. Just can’t have enough of them.

Folks always ask about dying the wool but I haven’t graduated to that yet. I do have some camel hair/wool and have started the cleaning process. Now that means the product is spread out on a screened table (made it myself with 2 X 4’s and hardware cloth) and wait for rain. We certainly are having plenty so the sheared product should be coming clean. I’ll do some washing with Woolite and iIt will, at least, smell better. Then the teasing, carding, spinning or felting will begin.

Goats for sale

We’ll be conducting a sale of goats this year. Several friends are joining us with a special selection from their farms. Tennessee Fainting Goats both standard and miniature. Dairy mixed breeds both for milking and/or pets.

Raising Goats or Sheep 101.

Is raising a goat or sheep like having a dog or cat for a pet? Well, no! We’ll have a seminar answering basic questions about what to expect and supplies needed.

Plant the pot and watch the flower grow.

Jefferson County Extension and 4-H

Biodegradable Plant Pots

Youth and adults will be making biodegradable plant pots from newspaper. The Jefferson County Extension Service will also provide soil and sun seeds.

Jed Dillard, Livestock and Natural Resources Agent

Who is more commonly know as the Pasture Wizard will do pasture, weed and garden consultations as well as working with the group program.

Camellia Garden Circle Selling Atlas Gloves

This local group raises funds annually to send children to the 4-H Summer Camp by selling the Atlas Garden Gloves. These brightly colored gloves are easy to find when you put them down and washable when dirty after a day of gardening. They are great gifts for all your gardening friends and support a special cause.

Local Artists & Vendors

You know there will be jewelry, honey, jelly, soap, vegetables, eggs, and a variety of other local goodies. The hayride is set to go and we always have the petting place to show off the lambs and goats. The Great Pyrenees aren’t really puppies now but will still be on hand. Old faithful Phony Pony is still in action. It is always popular with the young children.

Keep watching for updates in our Farm News section about who will be here and what days and times. Like all of you, all of the vendors can’t come and stay the whole time so we are flexible and make room for them whenever.

Three Sisters Jellies and Unique Gifts
Unique Gifts HandcrafedLawana will be selling assorted jellies, jam, guava bars and home-made natural pour and melt soaps also a wonderful assortment of Mothers Day gift baskets.

This will be the fourth year for Three Sisters and there is something different every time.

Full Moon Apiary Honey and Bee Goodies
Honey, soaps, candles and all types of other specialty wax products. Becky and son Sam are experts on beekeeping and can answer all your questions about this wonderful hobby.

Livingston Productions Plants
Everything greenLivingston Productions propagates and grows all of their plants organically. They carry native plants and provide customer assistance after the purchase. Livingston Productions is also known world-wide for their donkey blankets and other horse and canine related products. The website is:

Sharon Rhodes Baked Goods and Other Tasty Items
This is Sharon’s third year. She will have her baked goods, jams, jellies, pickles, salsa, beef jerky along with other goodies. She is looking forward to another successful festival.

Farm Credit of Northwest Florida Hayride Sponsor
Rhett giving the kids a hayrideThe Hayride is one of our most popular events. It seems to run constantly and is always full. The trip will look a lot different this year. All the trees have been harvested. You will still stop at all the different fields to see sheep, goats, dogs and the mayhaw pond.

There will be Games and More
There is the Petting Zoo, Food from Johnston’s, a Corn Hole Game, Shooting some Baskets, Canoe Ride in the Mayhaw Pond (get wet at your own risk), Swinging on Phony Pony, the Country Store, Vendors with Vegetables. Thor the Great Pyrenees Therapy Dog, Chickens and Guineas are range free and our newest vendor Knife Making by Bob Stott.

Golden Acres Ranch Country Store
We have lots of Mayhaw Jelly for sale and some lamb and sometimes goat meat – and now we have a beautiful Country Store to sell it from! We been busy converting the bunkhouse to a real roadside stand, except this one has air conditioning and freezers. No ‘roughing it for me!’

Jefferson County – Monticello

Consider making it a weekend in Jefferson County. There is always something going on in the community. Tour the many heritage roads. Start at the Courthouse in the roundabout and go any direction to find historic homes and buildings which include the Opera House and the Old Jail Museum

Where to Stay in Monticello, FL
These are the establishments involved in making our Mayhaw Berry Festival possible. We want to invite folks to come spend the night or nights in beautiful Jefferson County. CLICK HERE to see most of their contact information listed.

GPS is getting better about finding us!
Monticello is just east of Tallahassee with easy access off of I-10 or US 90. Check the driving directions on our Visit Us page for specific information.