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Decision Made – The Building Came Down

Written by: Bobbie
May 23, 2012


The Well   |   That building was one of the first I helped build twelve years ago. Sad to see it go after all that hard work but it was amazing to find all those things stored in there that we no longer need!

I think tearing a building down and starting over may be the way to go. We are into recycle, re-purpose and re-use big time so things are going to others that need or want them.

Why do we have three bags of slow-release fertilizer? I don’t fertilize anything. The goats, sheep and chickens take care of that for us. Then there were three hubcaps and I don’t have any three wheeled vehicles. An unusable toilet and sink? Oh no those can’t go. I’m sure they will make a great addition to our yard art.  Don’t laugh. We do have a bench made from two toilets out by the sink hole. I’m sure the porcelain  sink will make a great bird bath or planter. Just need the time to put it in action.

The other thing now is realizing how scary it is when water is not plentiful. We are lucky because one of our sons has built a house and has a working well we could utilize. Took a bunch of hoses to run it to our tank but it is working until the well drillers can return. There are so many wells all over north Florida and Georgia going dry that the drillers are scheduled weeks out.

We also had a solar well and pump installed about two years ago. There is a holding tank and the water is gravity fed to about eight water troughs for the animals. What a bummer that would be: trying to get enough water to hold the sheep and goats for several weeks. We still have four water troughs that come off the house well in addition to needing water for our pet boarding yards and the chicken coop.

I’m so careful now that ice cubes out of a glass go to a plant that needs to be watered.  Sure makes me think of the lawns I’ve watered in years gone past just to see them look pretty. The larger picture is the towns that indiscriminately use water and make no provisions for recycling “gray” water. All of  which could be filtered and go back into the aquifer.

More to come when the well drillers arrive – hopefully before this weekend.