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Blooms! Blooms! Blooms! On the Mayhaw Trees

Written by: Bobbie
March 25, 2016


The canoe is tied to my waist.Unless there is an unusual weather phenomenon, it appears we will have a great crop of berries.  The Mayhaw trees began blooming earlier this month and now are covered in leaves. Fred went out to see how they were looking, however, it is too early to find berries. We will be checking each week.

The pond is really full of water what with all the recent rain. We are hoping the moccasins haven’t found it again this year but they most likely have.

We had a couple of guys help us collect in 2015 and they had a gun with bird shot. One watched while the other gathered. They dispatched 14 snakes in all. As full as the trees are, I’m thinking we will need a bigger gathering crew.

Want to volunteer? Call me at 850-997-6599.

Note from Christine. When I first arrived, I was concerned about the moccasins. Mom explained about how the baby moccasins are less discerning than the adults, and will bite anything that moves. This quickly depletes their poison though. The adults are less wasteful. They only bite what they know they can eat. Makes sense to me, and left me feeling more confident about the situation. Still, I’m definitely glad Mom and Dad know some people who aren’t afraid to control the population.  ~ C.