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Bike Rodeo!

Written by: Bobbie
March 5, 2012


Bike Rodeo Silhouette by Bob Copper  |   A few weeks ago we went out during our only real cold snap, 28 degrees brrrr, to check out the bicycle race happening here in Jefferson County. There was a safety seminar called the Jefferson County Kids Bicycle Rodeo. It was conducted by our son Ken Foster. There were some wee ones there and it was cute to see them all so intent on the instructions.

The event for the children was in conjunction with the two day Collegiate Race that went on here in Monticello. There were over ten colleges and universities represented in the race. Main Street Monticello acted as one of the hosts. They supplied volunteers  and displayed checkered flags around the course.

Local artist Bob Copper graciously designed and painted a large canvas showing bicyclist silhouettes, quite impressive.  Monticello and all of Jefferson County welcomes these events. We recognize the importance of the economic impact on our local businesses.