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Being a Shepherd Today

Written by: Bobbie
May 31, 2012


Woods at Barnes Road   |   There is so much wild grass and weed at the front of the property and it is not fenced. It is excellent feed for both the sheep and goats. It takes our physical presence to let the flock or herd into the area. So, this morning, I’m giving it a try. Sheep are pretty much creatures of habit and generally don’t stray far. They are a little easier to control than goats. However, if one goes then the others make a beeline to be with the leader. In this case, they could end up on Barnes Road. It is not a busy road but 20 plus sheep loose could cause havoc in the neighborhood.

This is a flock of about 20 ewes and 1 ram. I  am sitting in the Gator with my shepherds crook handy and my computer to keep me busy. The weather is beautiful. Feels like about 80 degrees and the sun is dappling through the woods. It is a nice way to spend time, however, my mind is always busy so it nice to accomplish projects while I’m enjoying the outdoors.

This coming Sunday an intern is coming to spend two months with us. This will be one of her jobs. We do have several rolls of electric portable fencing powered by solar battery. We’ll put that up to limit the road access but it still means someone needs to be around to keep a check on activities until the animals figure out it bites and they learn to respect it.