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Written by: Bobbie
October 19, 2015


Now please go all the way down the list. Additions and changes galore! Remember New Leaf Market Co-op representatives will have a booth this year. If you missed the last Update, please go back and find it. I don’t want you to miss any news about this year’s event. Of course, there is some bragging news about sons and a cute granddaughter with goats picture.

Corn Hole Game

Corn Hole GameThere will be a Corn Hole game and that is the Farm Credit of Northwest Florida logo. Really neat looking. There will be a chance to challenge rivals and win a prize. Or you can just play the game and hone up on your skills.

It will be located in the shade between the Chicken Coop and the Hay Wagon, not far from the Petting Place around the barn. So come on over and pet the critters, ride around in the Hay Wagon, then enjoy a relaxing game or just rest at the picnic area. There will be food and drinks from Johnston’s Meat Locker. Try some Pulled Pork, Corn Dogs, Curried Goat or Moroccan Lamb Stew.

Jefferson County Farm Bureau

wants you to POP YOUR TOPS from aluminum cans . . . .

Florida Farm Bureauand bring them to the farm tour. There will be a prize for the most contributed. The aluminum tops from sodas, soups, vegetables and even beer cans are used to raise funds to support Ronald McDonald House in Tallahassee.

Board members and volunteers will be here to explain the values and goals of our local Farm Bureau and the benefits of membership. Think about such issues as Environmental Stewardship, Achievement in Agriculture for Young Farmers and Ranchers, Women’s Leadership Programs in education and legislative issues, Agriculture in the classrooms and teaching young children where their food comes from. Discuss the value of Agritourism and its monetary importance to the rural community.

We want you to know the benefits of belonging and contributing to the voice of agriculture.

Jefferson County Extension Services

Black Swallowtail CaterpillarThey are going have samples of Pickled Okra and pieces of Sugar Cane. You can make biodegradable pots and go home with a seed in a pot to plant in the spring.

Jefferson County Extension agents will be here to answer all your weed, seed, and bug questions. Their facility is located at 2729 West Washington Street, Monticello Florida. 32344-5963. You can phone them for information at 850-342-0187 or email you questions to

The Camellia Circle

Atlas Garden ClovesAtlas Garden Glove sales by the fun loving Camellia Garden Circle ladies. Remember those sales help send a child to the summer camp at Cherry Lake every year.

This circle is part of the Monticello Garden Club. There are two other groups, the Founders Circle and the Magnolia Circle, in this area. We would like to see you join us for a monthly meeting. Pick the Circle that meets at a time convenient for you.

Shoes Farm House

A note from Ms. Sharon… “Hi Mrs. Golden. I have been very busy making my jams, jellies, pickles and salsas. Looking forward very much to the farm tour again this year. Thank you for hosting a wonderful venue for us locals.”

Knife Making by Bob Stott

10484550_672504539508769_1298625720309715722_nHere is his Facebook link and a link to Rifle and Rod. Bob has made knife making an art along with his ironwork skills. Come and admire the unique tool handles and beautiful finishes. Bob is originally from South Africa. He has made Bainbridge, Georgia his home. Bob was with us for the Mayhaw Festival and we are excited to have him back again.

I always look for vendors that will have appeal for the men that come along bringing their families to enjoy the farm. There is always plenty for the young ones to do and mom can find many things of interest so it only seemed fair to include guy things. However, Bob is so artistic and creative that his knives and carved handles have a universal appeal.

Sweetbay Soaps

Sweet Bay SoapsMelissa, the owner of Sweetbay Soaps, will be here again with her lovely products. All of the soaps are homemade and hand-cut. She has added some new items – lip balm and bath salts. Come and enjoy a visit with Melissa to choose your favorite scents.

Part of the proceeds go to support the Jefferson County Humane Society.

And right next to Sweetbay Soaps will be . . . . . . .

Pecan Hill Coffee Roasters

It’s coffee time somewhere!

Pecan Hill Coffee
Jeani Smith will be representing Pecan Hill Coffee Roasters which is a new coffee business right here in Monticello, Florida. They roast to order in small batches to ensure that the quality of your coffee exceeds your expectations. Check them out at

Jeani said she will be bringing eggs also. Her girls must be behaving better than mine. Worst eggs layers I’ve every had.

Monticello Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD) Mascot Thor

Thor the Great Pyrenees
Our friend Faye Pritchett will be here with favorite dog Thor. He is the big white “clean” Great Pyrenees that lets everyone pet him and the children hang all over him. There’s always a saddle with pockets for greatly appreciated donations.

Thor has been here many times for the Mayhaw Festival and this Annual Farm Tour representing the Humane Society. He is a special and well-loved civic volunteer. Of course, handler Faye is appreciated too.

Wolf Creek Pet Adoption Center

Operated by The Jefferson County Humane Society

There will be dogs on hand that need loving, responsible homes. There are cats available, too, but it is scary for them to come to a strange place so they stay at the shelter. The hardworking caretakers and caring volunteers for this organization will be on hand to answer any questions and help you with that adoption.

Yoda is really happy about the scarf.This is Yoda our house girl who was adopted many years ago. Every pet we’ve had for the last 4o years has been adopted. There was Smiley, Patches, Sassy, Cocoa, Sugar, Gadget, Yoda and a miscellaneous menagerie of cats. Even one of our working dogs, Roper, was adopted. They have brought us many years of joy.

Would you like to play with kitties and help socialize dogs? An hour in the afternoon one or two days a week would do so much to help these animals. Wolf Creek staff really needs volunteers and foster homes.

Southern Tree Source

Trees, Trees and Trees

Southern Tree Source
Buster and Jessica Corley are the owners and operators of Southern Tree Source, a small scale tree farm located in NE Jefferson County, FL. Their goal is to grow fruit, nut, flowering, and shade trees that are suitable for the lower south and upper gulf coast regions.

They work exclusively with varieties of trees that have proven to perform well in our area. Most of their seedling stock is grown on their farm and the rest is sourced as locally as possible. All of the budding, grafting and propagation work is done right on their farm by Buster and Jessica. They are currently growing 40 different types of trees and 100 different varieties within those types.

Along with growing their container trees, they also offer consulting help with orchard design, crop and variety decisions, and will contract grow specific trees for their customers.

“Trees are the backbone of all landscapes, make sure yours are strong and true.” Southern Tree Source

Wool, Looms, Carding, Felting, Dyeing & Knittng

Felted booties and decorationsWe are working hard to have samples of projects that can be handmade from local wool. Charissa and I have been food dyeing wool for felting projects. We are making slippers, flower pins, jack-o-lanterns and whatever our imagination allows.

This will all be set up for you to give it a try. Develop your creative juices and enjoy the therapy of needle felting. Make your own Dryer Balls. What are those? Come and see. Want to try spinning wool? There is plenty of raw wool ready. How about wet felting some camel fiber?

One more thing that Charissa and I are learning to do. The Old Fashioned Knitting Board. There are hats and scarves as samples. Now I’ll tell you that we could not find any Garnet or Gold knitting wool locally. All the samples are in Blue and Orange. We have the colors on order.

The Old Fashioned Knitting Boards

Old Fashioned Knitting BoardThe design of the Old Fashioned Knitting Board is unique because it combines knitting on a straight frame with round knitting and corking. Come’on, all you knitters know what we’re talking about, right? If not, we’ll show you!

Melanie Mays will be here (after 1:00 PM on Saturday) to show and explain it all. The boards will be for sale in the Country Store. The package includes an easy to follow book of Instructions and Patterns. You can see more about the boards at Melanie’s website.

Casi Cielo Farms

Livingston Productions
Livingston Productions propagates and grows all of their plants organically. They carry native plants and provide customer assistance after the purchase. Marilyn has been one of our most popular vendors through both the Mayhaw Festival and the New Leaf Market tour.

Warm Winter Coats
Come join her under the tent to share knowledge and enjoyment of the beautiful plants. Check out the winter donkey, mule, horse blankets and other coats for working farm dogs. These are unique to the market and are known for the animal’s acceptance.

They make standard sizes and take special orders for those animals who don’t fit the typical sizes. Some dog coats will be available for purchase, as well as the donkey blankets.

They can take orders on this farm tour and have the blankets or coats in your hands within two weeks. Visit their website at for more detailed information about their products.

Parking & Pets & Saying Hi

We are adding parking spaces this year and will accommodate disabled patrons any way we can. Just pull up to the Greeting Tent and let us know how we can help. It will be dry and cool so getting around in a wheelchair or with a walker should be doable. It may be a bumpy field, but firm. Just watch out for chicken dusting holes.

Pets must be on a leash and cannot chase the farm critters. We do have indoor/outdoor kennels and can let them rest in one while you mill around and enjoy.

Who are you and where have we mingled? I’ll be around the Wool Tent, the Country Store or the Food Tent. I can’t remember my children’s names all the time so don’t make me guess and embarrass myself. However, I really love to know that you’re here. Fred will be in the Country Store tending the till.

The Help! Year after year sons, daughters, in-laws, grandchildren and friends come to help! This year Ken-son and Colter-grandson will be on the Corn Hole game and riding the hay wagon telling you about the farm (and untrue stories about me). Daughter-in-law Valerie will be in the Country Store with Fred. Hanna-granddaughter supervises the Petting Place. Charissa-daughter-in-law and good friend Kina will be in the Wool Tent. Mimi-2 1/2 year old granddaughter will be somewhere in range of Mom Charissa.

About the rest of the family. Christine lives in California and will be visiting in November, son and daughter-in-law Phil and Fran were just here from Texas visiting and can’t get back this year. Marcia from Titusville is making a presentation at a Casting for Recovery at a Fly Fishing Expo in Dania Florida. She said you can Google it. Son Jim is somewhere up in cold Alaska. Charles has recently moved to a new place in Tallahassee closer to his job. Various other grandchildren and two grands, all handsome, beautiful, smart, caring and just fabulous, are busy with their lives this year and have promised to come visit soon.