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A Sprinkling of Mayhaw Berries

Written by: Christine
April 23, 2018


The first new Mayhaw Berries at Golden Acres Ranch
This is how the harvest begins. Some of the berries are ripe and they fall from the trees. We have various ground covers, a parachute, tarps and shade cloth, spread out to catch them from the trees that are ripening first.

We’re not thrilled with the number of berries we’re seeing this year. Only about 1/4 of the trees have a good amount. But, we’ve worried in the past and had good harvests. Some of the green berries look quite small, like they’re just getting started.

Fred goes out everyday to check on the progress and collect what he can. We don’t quite have even a gallon yet. Fingers crossed!

Fred Golden harvesting Mayhaw Berries at Golden Acres Ranch

Have Berries?

Do you know anyone who let’s their Mayhaw Berry trees go unharvested? We come do the harvesting in exchange for berries or jelly.