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A Social Butterfly

Written by: Bobbie
September 26, 2011


Or do you every get away from the farm? This is a question I’m often asked by former golfing buddies and other friends from our previous life. Well yes. We did go see The Sound of Music this last Friday evening at the Monticello Opera House right here in Jefferson County. It was a dinner and show production. Dinner by Carrie Ann & Company – delicious. The show was directed and choreographed by Melanie Mays – outstanding. It played to a full house with the remainder productions sold to capacity. We are going to the coming weekend production a Patsy Cline Tribute, Tribute Artist Margo Anderson. Dinner by Carrie Ann & Company again.

Cartoon image of germs under a microscopeSaturday we moved The Golden Girls to their new kudzu location and watched a football game or two so there is no leaving the farm for outside social activities but on Sunday I traveled to a clinic in Lake Butler put on by the Real Florida Goats. This is an association of mainly dairy goat owners but let people like me participate anyway.

The title was not “Goat Berry Squeezing” but that is part of what we did. The workshop was titled How to do your own fecals for your goats. We did learned about understanding and using a microscope. It is invaluable for identifying parasites that can harm our precious livestock. It is fun to identify a Twisted Stomach Worm (Haemoncus contortus) or Intestinal Threadworm (Stongylloidees papillosus). Wow, did my spell check just go crazy. Anyway, these things make a difference in a healthy animal or a sick (perhaps dead) one. The best part is the good food and meeting with new, like-minded folks. Dr. Jack M. Gaskin does an exemplary job of handling and educating a mob of over-zealous goat producers. Hosts at Glades Ridge Dairy were Joe and Jan. They deserve a standing ovation for the work they put in before anyone arrived and for what is still to be done after the crowd departs.

Look how much fun we’ve had these last few days. And you think all we do is work, work, work. Tomorrow Fred gets to use the big boy toys and start mowing pastures again. We need to pretty the place up for the upcoming New Leaf Market Farm Tour in just a few weeks.