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A Rain Story

Written by: Bobbie
August 19, 2012


Johnston's Meat Market SignWell it is early Sunday morning. Fred and I are sitting in the truck listening to the rain hit the roof. The sheep are all safely inside the trailer waiting to be let out to eat fresh grass. Fred fibbed this morning and told the rams (male lambs) they were going to Disney World. So they all jumped into the trailer without hesitation. What a bummer.

We were here yesterday also. This is our advertised two day sale of Live Lamb at Johnston’s Meat Market and it went well. Lots of action. Now we’re back today for the rest of it. Many folks stopped by just to see the lambs and others were looking for pets. Mainly want females, which we have, but not at this market. They will be contacting us and coming by the farm. I always enjoy the interaction often meeting new people and making new friends. Of course, I seldom get tired of talking lamb and goat.

It cleared up a bit so we got out to back up the trailer and unload into the corral. Just as we got situated the clouds opened up again. The lead lamb looked out the open door and said “Not me. You go first.” So they all stayed a while longer in where it was dry. A little crowded but they didn’t seem to care about that.

It has finally stopped and all are out and the sun is about to shine on another great day in Monticello.

Lambs for Sale 1

Lambs for Sale 2

Lambs for Sale 3