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A new home for Griffin

Written by: Bobbie
July 25, 2011


Photo of Griffin and Huch | A few months ago someone contacted me about adopting their Great Pyrenees. Griffin was owned by a couple in the suburbs and he hadn’t adapted well to city living.  While they loved him dearly and he was well cared for, it was apparent he was not happy and neither were the neighbors. Griffin did what Great Pyrenees do. He wants to be out side and bark at things he perceives to be a threat to what or whoever he is guarding. No bunny rabbits or armadillos were going to get in that house. These are nocturnal creatures and that big woof, woof, woof sound is reassuring in the distance on a farm but is really irritating just outside your bedroom window.

These nice folks realized he really needed to be out on a lot of acreage. They had been to our farm on a tour and saw the guardian dogs we have in our pastures. However, our dogs have a job and they were born in goat or sheep pastures. They are with their charges 24/7. I took Griffin with the hope that he would adapt to country living but like many of our city friends he didn’t think this life was so great.  He relates to people and not farm animals. A good friend close by did her best to introduce him to her sheep because she needed a second guardian dog. They generally work well in pairs. Griffin and Sue’s guardian dog got along great but Griffin thought the sheep were there for him to chase.  That didn’t work so well and back to a home search we went.

I sent a post out to several farmer type discussion groups. Friends contacted me about a neighbor that recently lost his much loved dog. Hugh was familiar with Great Pyrenees and now Griffin has been adopted into a “people” home. He has five fenced rural acres, complete access to air conditioning, pool and a doggy door to run outdoors as he pleases. Happy ending to a long story.