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Jelly Making the Old-Fashioned Way

Written by: Christine
April 13, 2011


Antique berry pressDavid Ward, a lifetime resident of Jefferson County and former owner of this property, sent us this photo of an antique fruit press. It is about 100 years old.

David is going to use it during the Mayhaw Berry Farm Festival when he gives his Mayhaw Jelly Making Demonstration. He does this every year and brings a big crowd.

David makes his jelly the old-fashioned way without pectin. He just loads it with sugar, cooks and stirs until it jells. Pectin is naturally occurring in green Mayhaw berries, but added pectin makes the process faster which is what we do.

David likes to tell everyone that his jelly is the best. Mom does remind him, however, that Golden Acres Mayhaws are what really make it so good. 🙂