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10th Annual Fall Farm Tour 2017

North Florida Fall Farm Tour

Saturday, October 14th, and Sunday, October 15th
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Both Days

The Fall Farm Tour is one of our best events each year. Millstone Institute for Preservation is once again organizing.

Guidebooks for all the Farms and Ranches can be picked up at a variety of locations in Monticello. Or download a PDF by clicking HERE.

Farm & Ranch Fun for Everyone

There is so much to do here at Golden Acres Ranch. Walk around the goat and sheep pastures, watch the big livestock dogs, go on hayrides and ask us about any facet of our operations. Let the little ones feed lambs and kids in the petting area, watch chickens and Guineas, and play on the Phony Pony, an all-time favorite.

Tyrian and Cookie

New this year are Cookie and Tyrian, our recently adopted miniature donkey and horse. They’ve only been here a few weeks and we are all still getting to know each other. Cookie is the miniature donkey, and soon she will be learning to pull a small cart.

Tyrian, the white horse, was re-named by us after a character in the Game of Thrones – a hero who is also a small person, a dwarf. He (the horse) picked up his head and gave a great ‘ne-e-e-eigh,’ when we first called him by the new name, Tyrian. So we knew it was right for him.


Hear the newest stories about what is going on at the ranch, and stop at all the different fields to see sheep, goats, dogs and the Mayhaw pond. Bring the whole family for a country ride on the wagon. It is always fun!

Petting Place

Learn how to feed lambs and miniature goats. Even the littlest children can pet our tiny goats in the Petting Place.

Fun and Games for All Ages

Kids on a hammock at Golden Acres Ranch

Still swinging, and still in action, our Phoney Pony is a swing made from an old tire. At the last festival, a bunch of kids discovered the hammock to climb on.

Marta Vargas, Face Painter will be here!

And what would a southern festival be without Corn Hole games?

Food this year includes Curried Goat, Lamb Stew and Johnston’s BBQ Pork sandwiches.

Country Store

Handmade jellies at the Country Store

  • USDA-Approved Goat and Lamb
  • Mayhaw Berry Jelly
  • Mayhaw Pepper Jelly
  • Full Moon Apiary Honey
  • Artistic Notecards by Melinda Copper
  • Wool for Spinning from Florida Native Sheep

Livestock for Sale

Tennessee Fainting Goats for sale at Golden Acres Ranch

  • Tennessee Fainting Goats and Mini-Myotonic Goats
  • Male Katahdin sheep
  • Guinea Fowl keets

Guinea Fowl Keets For Sale

Guinea Fowl keets for sale at Golden Acres Ranch

Now is the time of year to start, or add to, your flock of Guineas. We have keets of all ages and a few species to sell. Some are from our flock and some ‘exotic breeds’ we purchased to raise and offer for sale.

The Guinea Fowl International Association has an extensive color chart showing the various breeds and feather patterns. The most common, possibly the hardiest, and the original Guinea Fowl coloring is the one with white pearling on dark feathers. We’ve seen these called ‘Helmeted,’ ‘French Pearl’ and ‘Pearl Gray.’

We also have what appear to be two light-colored breeds. We’re still trying to figure out which species those are.

Once established, Guineas need no care from you. They range the property eating bugs and roosting in the trees at night. You’ll need a caged-in area to start them out. Feed and water them there for 2-4 weeks and they’ll know where ‘home’ is. We’re still using chick feed/starter and they especially love daily handfuls of dried mealworms, which you can buy as ‘flock.’ The protien is good for them.

Learn From the Experts

Jefferson County Extension Services

Jefferson County Extension Services

This year, the Jefferson County Extension will be bringing 4-H Enrollment information, Pumpkin Muffins and Health Handouts. Kids can do hands-on Ag projects like, Radish Seed Necklaces, Biodegradable Flower Pots, Sugar Cane Tasting and Water Bottle Piggy Banks.

As always, agents will be here to answer weed, seed, and bug questions.

The Extension provides practical education you can trust, to help people, business, and communities, solve problems, develop skills, and build a better future.

Camellia Garden Circle

Camellia Garden Circle

The local garden Club will be here to talk plants, bugs and componst with you. They are selling Atlas Garden Gloves. Proceeds go to 4-H programs through the Jefferson County Extension

Jefferson County Farm Bureau

Jefferson County Farm Bureau

The Jefferson County Farm Bureau will be here. The Florida Farm Bureau is the Voice of Florida Agriculture. Their mission is “to increase the net income of farmers and ranchers, and to improve the quality of rural life.”

Get your Jefferson County ‘state of agriculture’ questions answered while you munch on some Kettle Corn.

Monticello Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD)

Monticello Volunteer Firefighters and Thor

Kids can climb in a real fire engine, wear real fire gear and talk to fire men and women on Saturday and Sunday. The Monticello Volunteer Fire Department come to all our festivals, along with their mascot, Thor, the wonder dog.

Crafts, Farm Products & Workshops

Maxie Sumner Wood Crafts

Wood crafters who also make items from reclaimed wood when available. Colors on trash bins, potato bins and bread boxes will vary…stained, black, red, primitive tan and white. They will be here Saturday only.

Rocker by Maxie SumnerRudolph Reindeer by Maxie SumnerBins and boxes by Maxie Sumner

Sweetbay Soaps

Sweetbay Soaps Lavender Bath Salts

Sweetbay Soaps is a regular here at our festivals. They have many different products to choose from, including their famous olive oil soap, goat milk soap, lip balm, body scrubs, candles, lotions, bath salts and gift baskets.

Cryptic Creations by Faye

Faye Prichett is the owner and caretaker of Thor, a Great Pyrenees mascot of the Monticello Volunteer Fire Department.

She is also the creator of a world of handmade jewelry, Pom Pom Pals, Mini Mates key chains and crocheted items.

Fiber Products and Hands-On Projects

Wool, Looms, Carding, Felting, Dyeing and Felted Critters

Casi Cielo Farms

Casi Cielo Organically Grown Landscape Plants

Casi Ceilo Farms brings organically grown native plants to our festivals. Talk to Marilyn about her plants and methods, and buy landscape plants for your property.

Bohemian Creative Gifts

Frances Hulbert, owner of Bohemian Creative Gifts will be bringing her crochet gifts to the Farm Tour this year for the first time this year.

We Appreciate Our Sponsors!

We are so appreciative of their continuous support…

Farm Credit of NW Florida - Helping Rural America Grow

Farm Credit of Northwest Florida

Farm Credit of Northwest Florida is here to help rural America grow, and we have the resources and stability to meet all your lending needs. We are committed to working with you and others in agriculture to help grow a better community.

The Corn Hole game is sponsored by Farm Credit of Northwest Florida.

FMB Bank est. 1906

FMB Bank

FMB Bank helps to educate our community in a variety of ways. They go to schools, institutions and organizations to teach a range of different financial education topics—to groups of many different ages and backgrounds.

They also host bank tours, where branch managers, along with their staff, welcome groups of elementary, middle, and high school students to tour their facilities. People learn what a bank is, what it does and why banks exist and offer the services and products they do.s

In addition, customers can always request educational materials from any FMB office.

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For a map and directions go to our Visit Us page.

For places to stay, go to Jefferson County’s website.