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Miniature Horse and Donkeys For Sale

Photo of Tyrion

Written by: Christine
September 2, 2020


UPDATE: Our equine pets have been sold and have gone to their wonderful new home, Triple H Farms in Myakka City, Florida.

Triple H Farms raises Boer Goats, Nubians, Miniature Donkeys. If you want to keep up with them, Friend Nancy Hopper on Facebook.

Our sweet pets, Cookie, Valentine and Tyrion need more attention than we can give. We’d like to find a loving home for them.

Odd Couple

Cookie, the larger donkey and Tyrion, the white, miniature horse were born in 2015 and have been together since their first month.

For those of you who wonder about the name Tyrion, it’s the name of a heroic character in the ‘Game of Thrones’. A hero who is also a ‘little person’ like our mini!

Tyrion came to us with the name ‘Dandy,’ but that just wasn’t sitting right with me. One afternoon I (Christine) looked at him and asked, “What would you think of the name, Tyrion?” He looked right back at me and neighed boldly! I took it as a sign, and we’ve been calling him by his hero’s name ever since.

Tyrion is a gelding and Cookie, at just 5 years old is still of prime breeding age. They get their shots in Spring and Fall, and professional hoof care every quarter or so.

They both walk pretty great on a lead, let children pet them and love attention.


A little while after we got our odd couple, Bobbie got a call about a young, miniature donkey who wouldn’t fetch a good price at the ranch where he was born. Apparently, he was too crowded in his overweight mother’s womb, and his nose grew kind of crooked! You can hardly tell and it hasn’t affected his health or temperament as far as we can tell.

He was born in 2018 on Valentine’s Day and arrived here just about a year later. We adopted him as a mate to Cookie, but so far no sign of romantic results in spite of his amorous name!

Valentine still needs to be trained to walk on a lead, but he’s young so that can be done.

We wanted to train all three of them to pull carts for our festivals, but we don’t have anyone with the know-how here to do that.

Looking For A Good Home

Things are slowing down here at the ranch, so the time has come for us to find our cutie equines a new home. Please call Bobbie if you’re be interested.