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Mini-Myotonics 2015

Lots of beautiful kids this Spring!

Milking Lacey

Using Melinda and Bob\'s \'milking thingy\' to get fresh milk from our goats

December 2012 and January 2013 Kids

This year\'s new kids are as cute as ever.

May Kids 2012

New kids arriving in May 2012

Forever Girls Spring 2012

The Forever Girls are kidding. This is a wonderful time of year.

Stevie the Goat

Great personality!

New Mini-Myotonic Kids

New mini-myotinic goat kids have finally arrived.

Myotonic-Spanish Newborn Kid

Photos of newborn goat kid. October 2011

Dr Wards Kudzu 1

Kudzu-eating goats at Dr. Ward\'s - Before

Dr Wards Kudzu 2

Kudzu-eating Goats at Dr. Ward\'s - one week later


The life and times of Walker the goat.

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