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11th Annual Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival 2017

Saturday, May 13 & Sunday, May 14
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Both Days

Come and experience North Florida at its finest at the 11th Annual Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival. Enjoy our 60-acre, working goat and sheep ranch, and the largest, native Mayhaw Berry Stand in Jefferson County. It’s a fabulous, real farm experience for the whole family that you won’t soon forget!

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Berry Barometer

As the Festival approaches, there are always questions of how good the harvest will be, if there even is one (!), and will the berries ripen on time! We like to share the anticipation with you.

The unBerry Berry Festival

May 7, 2017
Here’s a video from Sunday. Bobbie and I went out flagging the few patches of berries that were left, then Fred, Charissa and Mimi joined in.

A Tour Around the Mayhaw Stand

April 16, 2017
We’re late getting this video up. It’s from a tour around the Mayhaw Stand we took in mid-April. It’s beautiful and informative, though, so I didn’t want you to miss it.

We begin by walking through the gate from the pasture to the Mayhaw Tree stand. Normally, the ‘stand’ is a ‘pond,’ but you can see our warm, winter drought has allowed the pond to drain. This time last year, the pond was up to the canoe you can see right as the video begins.

We find a tree with red berries, and Bobbie talks about ‘getting something under here.’ What she means is a tarp, parachute cloth or, this year we’re going to try the shade cloth we have on the ranch. We lay it under the tree and shake the tree. The ripe berries will fall up.

It’s about 30 days before the Mayhaw Harvest Festival when we did this tour, and we’re already seeing some problems. Remember, we had that late frost, on top of a warm winter, and were already concerned about a poor harvest. It seemed too soon to say for sure at the time of this video, but there weren’t enough green berries coming up, and the red ones were too early.

You’ll see some newly fallen trees because this is right after a serious, summer storm. The sudden storms have been worse than the two hurricanes that came through last season.

This is the reality of farming. There are storms, and some years, the harvest just isn’t so good.

The Mayhaw Festival still goes on, though! Bobbie and Charissa are making lots of Mayhaw Jelly and cakes. All the fun, farm tours and other local products will be here for you and your family to enjoy. Scroll down for more.

You can see all the past videos in our Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival playlist on YouTube.

Farm Fun for Everyone

Events are open throughout this 2-day event, so come any time to enjoy the farm, pastures, livestock, pond and games. There’s plenty of farm fun for all ages.


Hear the newest stories about what is going on at the ranch, and stop at all the different fields to see sheep, goats, dogs and the Mayhaw pond. Bring the whole family for a country ride on the wagon. It is always fun!

Petting Place

January-born lambs and goat kids, even new puppies!

Our Famous Phony Pony

Still swinging, and still in action. It is always popular with young children.

Corn Hole Games

There will be a Corn Hole game again this year. Challenge rivals and win a prize. Or you can just play the game and hone up on your skills.

Country Store

  • USDA-Approved Goat
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Mayhaw Berry Jelly
  • Mayhaw Berry Cake
  • Blueberry Jelly and Mayhaw Pepper Jelly
  • Full Moon Apiary Honey
  • Sweetbay Handmade Soap
  • Artistic Notecards by Melinda
  • Wool for Spinning from Florida Native Sheep

Tennessee Fainting Goats and Mini-Myotonic Goats for Sale

Learn from the Experts

Come and learn skills and techniques from local artisans and experts. Whether you are a novice or an expert yourself, there will surely be something new for you to learn about farming, ranching, crafting and growing.

Jefferson County Extension

This year, the extension will be conducting two youth projects in the tool room; seed necklaces and biodegradable seed pots. Jed Dillard will be available to answer all your questions about weeds, grasses and toxic plants. The Jefferson County Extension provides a lot of services you may not know about yet.

Monticello Volunteer Fire Department

A crew from the Fire Department will be near the Welcome tent doing safety demonstrations. They have been so helpful setting up, bringing extra tables and chairs. Thanks guys!

Wool Felting

Felting has turned out to be so much fun! We will show you how it’s done and how we are washing and carding the raw product.

Camellia’s Garden Club

Talk to the club members about anything gardening, an purchase a pair or so of their gloves. The bright colors make them easy to find when you put them down. They are prctical, and washable when dirty after a day of gardening. They are great gifts for all your gardening friends – and they support the local 4-H.

Local Artists and Vendors

Do you love local growers, produce and art? So do we! You are sure to enjoy seeing, tasting and supporting these local artisans.

Full Moon Apiary

Honey, soaps, candles and all types of other specialty wax products. Becky and son Sam are experts on beekeeping and can answer all your questions.

Sweet Bay Soaps

Melissa, the owner of Sweetbay Soaps, will be here again with her lovely product. All of the soaps are homemade and hand-cut.

Charissa’s Felt Critters

Charissa washes the sheared product, colors it and cards it to make batts. She then felts the batts of wool into country critters – perfect for your French country or farmhouse décor.

Cryptic Creations by Faye

Faye will be here with her handmade jewelry, Pom Pom Pals, Mini Mates key chains and crocheted items.

Johnston’s Meat Market Catering

Johnston’s mobile kitchen will be here with their BBQ menu. Enjoy great sandwiches and drinks while you picnic beside the Mayhaw trees.

Where to stay. What to see.

Come for a lovely day trip in Monticello, or consider making it a weekend in Jefferson County. There are always wonderful things to see in addition to the Mayhaw Berry Festival.

Tour the many heritage roads. Start at the Courthouse in the roundabout and go any direction to find historic homes and buildings which include the Opera House and the Old Jail Museum.

Bed & Breakfast Inns in Monticello


Spaces for RVs

If you are with Harvest Hosts, call ahead and a reserve your spot. Want a ‘working vacation?’ We can accommodate!

Thank You! To Our Sponsors!

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors without whom we could not provide this great community event!


GPS is getting better about finding us!

Monticello is just east of Tallahassee with easy access off of I-10 or US 90. Our ranch is just 17 miles south of Thomasville. Check the driving directions on our Visit Us page for specific information.