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Katahdin Sheep

Katahdin Sheep at Golden Acres RanchThe sheep we raise are Katahdin, or “hair sheep.” They are called hair sheep since they do not produce much wool, but a winter coat of hair which is shed during warm weather.

This is a breed of sheep that are easier to care for than other breeds. Their hooves seldom need to be trimmed. The ewes are good mothers often producing twins and triplets.  The breeding stock is DNA tested for resistance to Scrapie. They are resistant to parasites and produce delicious meat which we process locally and make available through farmers markets, stores, restaurants, and directly from our own Country Store.

We do not use hormones of steroids to increase weight or to promote fast growth. They are raised on pasture and forage without herbicides or pesticides. Our flock of Katahdin Sheep is thriving in this natural and peaceful environment and they provide a steady supply of fresh, local, USDA-certified lamb for the region.

To order or purchase lamb, go to our Country Store or sign up for our weekly newsletter to find out what we are bringing to which farmers markets in the Tallahassee area.